Sometimes in Life you have to blur out everyone and focus on yourself, because you need to make sure what your giving to the world is the authentic self.  Just a thought!!!    

Who enjoyed the sun while it  was out???  So short lived!!. So on Sunday woke up nice and early and saw the sun, excitement is the word. Ohh my dear  sun how have I missed you.  
Back to the Sunday outfit,  I wore a nude sleeves top (Primark).  The beautiful pencil skirt (River Island) looked so nice and summery. you know when you plan a summer outfit and the sun does not come out on the Sunday this is one of them skirts that I have been waiting to wear.  I really love the different colours cream, nude, black, pink and grey. This is my  second patterned skirt, when I started being brave and buying more colourful clothes to brighten up my wardrobe. Come on I know there is one colour you buy that has dominated your wardrobe, mine  was black. I wore the sandal heels (Matalan) This heels are not too high and very comfy, I actually can survive with them all day.  I wear the heels in winter but they look so much better  in the sun. 
As you can see I have a mixer of brands and shops. Mix and Max is the way forward because concentrating on just wearing one brand just limits me from choices and I love knowing I can wear whichever brand feels most comfortable without me thinking what will people say if they find out I bought clothes from this shop.  Wear what makes you catwalk and feel amazing because different shops suit different body types.  I have bought some size 8 clothes in some shops and they completely refused to fit me, that moment you start calculating all the junk food you have eaten lol. 
Recreate a similar look with the following Items. 

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