I am sure when someone saw the title, they just thought to themselves I cant believe she is about to do new year new me post.  This phrase got shut down quickly, I do not know anyone who has said to me new year new me for the past two years.

However people have completely stopped making plans for the year.  The phrase did not mean that people should stop making new year plans and goals. What’s on people’s mind now is that these new year resolutions do not work.   This is where you went all wrong the new year resolutions are achievable you just wrote them down with the mindset that you may or may not stick them.

This is why this post is called NEW BEGINNINGS. People might say this has nothing to do with Fashion or Beauty why you writing it here, the clothes, the beauty products only changes the outside appearance, Once your confident on the inside the clothes, the make up will only be a plus, not what your relying on to feel confident to feel great and amazing.

NEW BEGINNINGS: Instead of looking at what you have not achieved since the beginning of the year, Wake up each day knowing its a new beginning. If you were meant to start that diet or go to the gym and you did not, do not throw in the towel and say well I have tried it is not going to work. Everyday is a new beginning do not look at what could have been look at what can be. I used to beat myself up a lot, for example if I said I will do a post and I do not do it, I will just be so angry at myself but now I have learnt to relax and as long as I know today is a new beginning what is the plan for today how can I avoid procrastination and stay  motivated.

NEW BEGINNINGS HAVE NO END I always say whatever I have not accomplished this year I am grateful to God that I get to give it another try this year. Do not think its December that’s the end of that, no! no! giving up.  If it did not work find a new way to approach it, look at why it has not worked before.

In this new beginning what are you planning on accomplishing.

For me it’s


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  1. I also tend to beat myself when I don’t do what I had planned. I have learned to make a “flowing” To Do List so that they are things I want to get done without a time frame. That way if I don’t get them all done in one day I don’t feel guilty. Every day we wake up is a new day and a day to make a difference.

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