The campus ministry UK masquerade ball is only a day away. Well gentlemen if you have not picked up your outfit here is a few ideas.    To read more about the masquerade ball please click here

My brothers one thing i will request before i start this interesting and attempt to give you some ideas. Please your shoes your shoes look at them again and again if they are not polished please go and buy some polish. What happened to the golden days where men shoes were polished until the shine could reflect the sun. okay  I am being dramatic but please please do not turn up with muddy shoes or just blow of the dust and walk into ballroom with those shoes.

Next is your whole outfit in one paragraph , I am not a big fan of bow ties, so I say suits and ties can never go wrong. Wear a pocket square as well.  Choose a classic style and neutral shades such as black or grey.

I have put a blue outfit idea because I know there is someone who will just want a different colour. Well if you wear a blue suit make sure you already have a matching mask as that will be very hard to come by.

The mask type you can go full mask or just half a mask.  I will say half a mask full black or black and white.






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