Hope you love shadows?? Please note the tip I will be sharing with you on eye shadow, do not judge when mine does not look as spectacular next time you see me, because I have a tendency to leave some of my own tips out when I am in a hurry. And my eye shadow gets special attention on special days, I am sure most will agree.

 Over the years eye shadows have become such a big part of creating beautiful designs. Been looking at some eye shadow pictures on Instagram, inspired is the word. 

 Does your eyeshadow come off before the end of the day, perfect solution try applying primer before the eye shadow. If you do not know what primer is your not alone I just heard about this like a couple of months ago. Will do a blog on primer soon but in the mean time you can leave a comment to find out which one I bought. Primer also helps reduce those creases. 

 keep reading there is a second solution if you do not have a primer. We all know they are different types of eye shadows, cream eye shadows, my favourite when I was younger ohhh shiny!. However cream eye shadows are perfect to act as your base especially if you do not have a primer yet. 

Press eye shadow is perfect because you do not have to worry about it going everywhere in your bag or when applying it. Also easier to ensure you apply the same amount on both eyes.

 So the steps are 1. Primer 2. cream eye shadow 3. loose or pressed eye shadow. If you do not have a primer skip right to the second step.

How do you know what foundation matches your skin, the same way you consider how foundation matches your skin is the same way  I ensure my eye shadow matches my face. Please please please do not wear multi colours because you saw it on your pallet and you thought it was a good idea to wear all the colours on the pallet. As people say less is more.  

Yesterday on my shopping trip my sis said to buy the eye shadow (picture). Revolution from superdrug. The price was reasonable.  This are the main colours I  use on my big oversized pallet, but this will be easier to carry around.what’s your solution to keeping your eye-shadow on all day long?????

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