I know you grasped once you saw that title, FIRST TIME BUYING PERFUME???? WHAT? HOW? YOU MUST SMELL? calm down, first of all NO i do not smell and if you think I do please do private message me hheheheheeh. on a serious note, I have always received perfume as gifts, just have the grace to receive perfumes. So this time I do not know what happened for my birthday no perfume 🙁 So I actually had to go and buy one!! I WAS SHOCKED!! I know right what happened. So for my first Perfume purchase I went to river Island, I know you were expecting me to say Debenhams, perfume shops, No no not me.

I will tell you why?? Since I was little I have very little tolerance for smells, the smallest smell can irritate me all day, So I really can not stand strong perfume smells. I do not like people spraying in my room please go and do it somewhere else, its just not my thing. So since I had to buy my own perfume.

I went and did a little research most facts are from BYRDIE 1. your actually meant to spray the perfume on your hair not your skin!! Who knew keeps the scent longer than your skin and also diffuses the scent more easily especially if you have long hair due to motion. 2. Do not spray 20 poofs because you can not smell it, you get used to the scent so you may not smell it but others can. Again please do not over poof poof. 3. The most expensive perfume is million dollar worth SERIOUSLY ITS ACTUALLY WORTH $1 million ( DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle – $1 million ) If you want to see the top 10 click here 

So my perfume was not $1 Million it was £12.99. The smell is medium not too much. By now you should all know my favourite shop is River Island so  why not try the perfume as well. That’s right I am a loyal customer hehehehe.


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  1. Hey Lorena, I did not think river Island did perfume either was shocked decided to give it a try. They do not advertise it as much. I need to look up that perfume Gloria😘

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