The Gel Nails seen on the pictures, It was completely different to what I thought it was going to be, no machines just simple tools. Do not ask me what tools they are because I haven’t got a clue apart from the nail polish of course. And yes I could have googled and put it here but like I said they are too many posts on nails. The process was way quicker than Acrylic nails and definitely much quicker. The only Con of gel nails is that they do not last as long as Acrylic and I have also ruined most of them already.
Spending hours and hours trying to find out which nails to go for has been well time well spent Gel or Acrylic nails. They are hundreds of posts regarding this two types of nails, So I will not go into much details and give you the same old information, will simply share my experience. I had Acrylic  nails for the first time while still in universities so maybe four years ago. I loved seeing my nails nice and long. The finished nails looked amazing and loved playing with them especially trying to type my university coursework, good days. However I did not sleep that night, they were soo painful, its not the same experience for everyone but I believe it was because this was the first time I got them done. But loved them because they were very strong and did not break for weeks, the only downside is that my nails grow very quickly so you could see my nails underneath the Acrylic  so they had to come off. I had them done a couple of times after that and they did not hurt as much because I think my nails got used to it.

Gel Nails will not damage your nails as much as the Acrylics nails.

which nails do you prefer?   I am 50/50 at the moment

In other news I noticed the nails look way way more better with Hand Jewellery especially the ones for figures, Gold or Silver look great on both Dark and light nail polish

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