Lipstick Lipstick, I do not know how a girl like me  survived without it for so long actually many years. sticking to the lip gloss was my motto.I did not care much for lipstick because the one’s I got always cracked and looked horrible. Until I got M.A.C as  a gift for my birthday. I love it . Can become an addiction and didn’t  want to leave the house without it but I have eased off it slowly by slowly.

The tips I have learnt while applying my lovely Lipstick.
Clean those lips, exfoliate I use an old toothbrush because its not too hard but soft enough to make my lips smooth, some people use a damp cloth. However if your lips have decided to crackle especially in winter here is my advice  apply a lip balm first to avoid a disaster.
Am I the only one who discovered the purpose of Lip liner not only that applying lip liner first before the lipstick.   Never knew the purpose of the lip liner until I owned one. You do not need to spend alot of money on Lip liners check on Amazon or Ebay. So Lip liner helps keeps my lovely lipstick for longer and stops it from going everywhere. It also gives my lips a definition because I have very small lips.
we have all had that lipstick on the teeth incident, here are some top tips, apply the excess lipstick on a tissue paper  and pout.  Did you know that applying loose powder on top of your lipstick not only helps to make it last longer but  also gives it  a matt-effect.  You can repeat the process twice if your going on a long night out.

                                                                                              Peace does Beauty 


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