This beautiful lady knows how to style and swag it out for the lord always looking on point. That’s why its an honour to have her opening my new segment called Inspired where I will be posting people whose fashion inspire me and make my head turn round and say girl you looking good.
She wore the white trousers beautifully with a combination of pink.  This is a style I would totally not thought to wear to church, come on I know you agree the torn trousers to, its not the “traditional” church wear but she makes it look hot hot hot and chic.  The minimal accessories makes the whole pink stand out and gives it all the attention it requires.
She will definitely be back on here very very soon, sooner than you expect, so watch this space.
Disclaimer: I did not dress her, the whole point of this segment is to show how everyone has a beautiful style and puts the swag together.
To recreate the look here is a few ideas.

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