People ask me what I did to make my hair grow? First of all I am just blessed that I inherited my mothers hair, however keeping my hair on my head and in the best condition possible, I use various products.To be honest I neglect my hair a lot, I know that’s not what you want to read when your looking to grow your hair, but I have to be honest. I have no idea what to do with it apart from a pony tail, literally almost everyday.  Have you ever had those moments where you have wanted something for so long then you realise you do not know what to do with it anymore? Welcome to my world. Always dreamt of having long hair.

This is my longest post for a while but its because its a huge topic so today I will go through

  • Why protective hairstyles can be an advantage 🙂 and a disadvantage :(.
  • The two hair products I have used in the past few years.

Firstly my hair is relaxed but this goes to all hair types, natural, relaxed, whether you braid or put weave all the time.

Since I neglect my hair, it’s best to have protective hairstyles, Braids and Weaves, and aof course the question I get why you covering your hair you have such beautiful hair?? but it’s difficult. However I feel that this is where a lot of ladies go wrong, protective hairstyles are only protective when they have been done well and by someone who knows the value of hair not the money your going to pay for your hair. But it is not always the hairstylist fault ladies do not keep that weave or braids or whatever for longer than necessary it will protect your hair and then break it, BREAK IT.

So now I have let those feeling go, lets proceed. when I actually take care of my hair what do I use. Triple Gro. Let me make it clear, I have not been paid by any of the companies below to review this products, So this are  products that I have used, so it’s my utmost truthful opinion.  So I am putting the amazon links so you can see how much they are. If you take time to browse on the internet might be in luck and get a cheaper one. I recommend buying from Amazon or Ebay If its not in your local shop, the reason being you can read reviews and make sure your buying the genuine product and not the copy cat.

Back to Triple Gro , I believe this product contributed massively to my hair growth, I used to wrap my hair all the time, when it was fashion to wrap your hair with cling film lool good days. Maybe I need to revisit this technique Triple Gro moisturises damaged areas of the hair and prevents breakage which enables your hair to grow healthily.  It  Massages your head, bargain do not need to go for massages it feels amazing  i am talking about free massages!!!!!

The next product I started using about three years ago is Dr. Miracle’s feel it Anti-breakage strengthening creme     as it says it prevents and stops breakage and strengthens your hair. The reason your hair needs strength is to be able to withstand everything you put it through, imagine all the pulling it goes through, the heat, the sweat. Its too much for hair, so you need to help it.

If both cremes  Triple Gro  and Dr. Miracle’s feel it Anti-breakage strengthening creme do the same thing why do I buy both?? I wanted to try something new, after some time your hair can become I want to  say anti-tolerate but thats for food hehehe, The hair becomes too used to product it looses its little magic so need to swap products around, not that it does not work anymore but it becomes less effective but if you swap around both products stay effective, this is not any expert opinion  I just found out it worked for me. Also have to remember each product as a different element in it, so If you can use both.

I love this products because they really do what they say they do. They are other elements that are involved in taking care of the hair but even when I neglect my hair I know its moisturised, the number 1 rule KEEP THAT HAIR MOISTURISED.

So you know how serious moisturising your hair is I took the liberty to see what another blogger was saying about hair moisturising.   Click here to read more on hair care by Brenda.

  1. “Moisture– Many persons are unaware of the power of moisture for hair retention. Moisture serves several roles, a very important one is to make your hair supple. Supple hair does not break as easily as dry or brittle hair. A good moisture balance is needed to retain hair growth. A very good source of moisture for both inside and outside our bodies is water. If you are not drinking enough water your hair will get dry and brittle.
    Similarly, if you do not apply enough moisture to your hair it will get dry and break. Think about a piece of cloth left to dry in the sun with no fabric softener; the cloth will get hard, dry and rough. On the other hand fabric softener will not only make the cloth smell good, but it will make it soft and pleasant to touch as well. It is the same with our hair, the fabric softener is our figurative moisturizer. There are several moisturizers on the market we will explore them and tell you if they are good to be used. Important point to note: moisture is not oil!”

Also before you buy hair products know your hair type and texture. That’s why you find comments like I used this products for months and nothing happened. Hair has life that is why it grows, so you need to give it the right food to grow, if it does not like the food you give it, change it. So try different products and use them correctly until your hair says yummy and grows.

What is your favourite hair product??

Do you have any questions??


  1. I have huge hair issues too.. however I am done with pharmacy stuff and now see a dermatologist.
    But its wonderful when you DO find something that works !

  2. Hi Lorena, hair is a tricky subject because everyone hair reacts different to products 🙂 I am sure you will find the perfect product for your hair. 🙂

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