Let’s talk about this forehead business!!! What has foreheads got to do with a beauty post!!!

MY FOREHEAD loves to shine when I have my hair tied back. It does not look that obvious until I take a picture and it shines 😂.
fullsizerender-7I never really noticed it until it started being highlighted by people. Isn’t strange you do not notice this things until someone highlights it. For example misheard song lyrics you can’t unhear it, same way you can’t unsee the forehead.
Now that I have brought that to your attention I am very sure you either went back to look at the picture or you laughing.I used celebrity pictures because it’s people you all heard off and most importantly to make my next point.  I love my forehead, I think it’s perfect. It’s important to notice that a “big” forehead doesn’t necessarily lead to lack of beauty or charm. In fact, according to “Learn Face Reading,” a high forehead usually signifies high intelligence, ambitiousness, and mental agility. It also indicates a higher probability that a person will enjoy a rich life, full of luck and wealth. “Learn Face Reading,” also asserts that those with high foreheads usually possess mental agility and usually have a knack for seeing both sides of a question or argument. Exempt from (http://firsttoknow.com/celebrities-with-big-foreheads/) So ladies do not hide your forehead show it off your beautiful and intelligent. Let’s see them foreheads shine lol.

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