My make up might not always be on point but my outfits always make up for the missing pieces. If you know me, you know I do not play with my Sunday outfit, yes you know it my church outfit. Do you have somewhere that you have to prepare your outfit few days before? For me its every Sunday. So last week outfit was basically a spring outfit.  We all know British weather It was sunny but chilly then windy, so I choose to wear a lovely Navy Fit, Flare dress (jasperJconran).  The pointy heels (newlook) makes all the difference, makes the whole outfit look classy and stylish. I was not a big fan of the pointy heels when they came back to fashion so to be honest this are actually my only pointy heels and I love them in white because I can wear them with different colours, and outfit styles. The long coat (newlook) which is my favourite these days kept me warm but not too hot when outside. I was meant to wear a smaller necklace but no idea where it is so I went with the chunky gold necklace (primark). This means Necklace shopping on bank holiday woop woop exciting.  what’s your favourite day to get all dressed up. 

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