Before you go out to buy your make up, please learn about your skin first. If your like me I bought about 5 different eyebrow pencils before I got the correct one, I bought the wrong colour concealer well that one was because concealer was the next new thing. Some of the mistakes can just be corrected but some can be fatal in the long term especially foundations because they cover your whole face. 

some of the things I consider before buying a certain product are.  Is my skin Oily, Dry or  Sensitive. Living in UK for some of us we have different seasons, so I love to consider which season my skin is playing at. 

 What am I sensitive to or allergic to . My skin is very sensitive. I can eat chips and in the next one hour your guaranteed to find a spot. So I know to avoid harsh products. you will find your skin gets irritated by some products, find the common ingredient in them and stop using them, you might be able to bare the irritation for a moment but the more damage your doing to your skin. 

Find out what type of make up suits you best. over the years as I have grown so has my make up. Might be because of money and being able to afford it but that’s really my foundation but cosmetics like Mua eye liner still buying it because it still works for me. I love the fact that I can go into town and sit down and test the make up for free, walk around and see how it feels or if I have a reaction to it before buying and buy it as the last thing before I go home. 
Price is everything, I look around and see where I can get the best bargain. you might be spending £30.00 and another store is selling for £24.99 that’s a few quid extra to another product.  
Yes i did say find the best price but please! please! I mean shops are always competing for you and me to go and buy there so there price might differ from another shop, with that in mind.  Make sure the make up your buying is genuine, nothing worse like buying a copy cat because the ingredients in the foundation are more likely to damage your skin. For example a real Gucci bag will last longer than a fake Gucci bag and you can tell from far. So now imagine what fake stuff is doing to your skin or worse how you look. The way you think you look and how people think you look might be a completely different story.

I left this for last, the right shade of foundation is so important to me, because I know that I can not pour the entire foundation to the rest of my body so I know if I do not have the right colour somewhere else in the body will tell the true story. So please ensure you have the right shade. 

Peace does Beauty 


  1. Yes quite true about finding the right products. I’ve tried all sorts and recently settled for Bobby Brown which I think is the best for me so far. Got their primer, foundation and concealer and is perfect.

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