This weeks post is a little bit late. 1st of all my photographer left me and went back to luton lol.  2nd I do not like any of the pictures I have taken so far. So I am using  last summer picture as I wait for the sun to come back. 


Apart from not having anyone to take my pictures I have been busy learning more about blogs and posting, so far so good.  As you may have noticed the whole layout has changed and the pictures.   Let me know what you think. Its all for you. 

I have a whole new respect for bloggers, the amount of time and energy that goes into blogging is unreal but rewarding at the same time. 
Let’s talk summer and the beach. I was looking through my pictures and bumped into this picture, first question I asked myself was who wears a BLACK top to the beach in hot hot hot sun, yes ME. I really did not think about it at all until today. I guess it’s because I am more fashion  cautious!!
Funny fact you might not believe me but: If I wear sun cream I get burnt loool sun cream is supposed to prevent burning right!! I did an experiment by MISTAKE I ended up with sun cream on one side of my arm and burnt. So I really have never put sun cream on. So someone said to me what if you get cancer, what if! what if! too many what if’s! Listen yeah (Lol) why did i not burn when I was in Kenya and the sun was over 25 degrees for weeks, I do not remember my parents putting sun cream on me. and before you say that the sun in Africa is different no its not. My skin was made to withstand the sun. Little rant is over… Let me know your thoughts on sun cream. OBVIOUSLY do not try and not apply sun cream because I do not heheeehhe. 
So this was my first bought crop top (H&M) which I prefer to a bikini your also not going to catch me swimming at the beach, lying down, headphones, music and sleep that’s what the beach was made for me to go. 


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