Everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made and the thoughts you have had. You see thoughts become things. If you want different results make different choices and start thinking differently.
On saturday me and my younger sister  coco took a tour to a place called riverside Norwich. I have been in Norwich for a while so I had lost the appreciation of the place. we took some pictures and looking back at them, the place look amazing.  In  most parts of Africa when you say a river, you expect a river with fishes a bit of sea life, but in England be careful when you say you want to go and see the river, been disappointed so many times.  You know when you hold high expectations and they are crashed, squashed and smashed., yes that’s my story with England rivers. 

Just a little story, back to fashion matters. I finally got brave enough to buy this shirt (New Look). A couple of years ago this shirt looked very ugly to me on ladies, lol do not  bite me yet, I have changed my mind. I guess its because it was always seen as a guys shirt with jeans all tacked in. That’s why I love the evolution of fashion,  everything always comes back into style. I learnt that to make this shirt “fashionable” I wore it with black leggings and simple black flats. 

You can recreate the look with black jeans and sneakers.  

I tied my hair back, to be honest it needed washing and straightening and I had only slept for four hours, so I really was not going to go through that procedure heheehehee. I know you have them days you use a short cut.  But on that note with the hot weather and the outfit I think it looked better than If I had it down.   
I was wondering whether I would wear this shirt with a skirt???  write down your ideas on how you would wear this shirt   

I almost forgot about the sunglasses, I have no idea what make they are. I bought them on groupon  last year. I went a little crazy and bought almost 6 pairs. Its not my fault they were on sale. But they are awesome for driving 


  1. I love simple! I'm not one to get all dressed up very often. I usually do the t-shirt and jeans most of the time because that is how I am comfortable. That outfit looks great on you though.

  2. I think it's a good fit! It suits you well and really, it doesn't look like a guy shirt at all. If you're going to wear this with a skirt, wearing it with a skater skirt is the best option at least for me!

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