Under £20.00 Christmas gifts for Women

Under £20.00 awesome Christmas gift ideas. I know someone just thought ishh peace your tight with money. No No No I just gave myself a challenge to find amazing gifts that are under £20.00 and will make your family and friends wooooww.  My taste can be very different from everyone else so click on the items to explore.

Before you click on the item I want you to guess how much it is between £1.00-£20.00. I am very sure  you will be shocked.

Also scroll to the end I will give you some discount codes such as  STANDARD DELIVERY £1 / €1 AT RIVER ISLAND

Since you already have a link to get your delivery as cheap as possible. The 1st 4 bags are all  river island bags. We all know River Island aint one of the cheap shops but its very affordable. But I fell in love with these four.   The reason river island is on my list is because, my first bag from river Island I got from my little sister as a birthday present.  lets just say used that bag almost everyday and its still standing. No damage, nothing except for the part everyone knows I am in the room  because of the bag lol.




The next shop is Shoeaholics. This was a bit more tougher. But I tried my best. I was not expecting it to be this hard, because i am very picky with shoes. I am almost changed the title to £20 to £100 but i stuck to my word.




So I have looked at Shoeaholics and River Island. Time to look at a shop I have been drooling over for months. This is more like my Christmas wish list than for you  lol. But serious hope you find an awesome present or a party dress.

Lavish Alice <3


Below are special codes to help the Christmas cash go a  little bit further this Christmas.

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