Over the past few months I was washing my face with just water, without cleansers or soaps, however this damaged my skin which really puzzled  me because if all this facial cleansers are bad for your skin, what am I supposed to do with my face.

so I started doing my research. what I found out was amazing. Washing your face in the shower  can cause dehydration so washing my face in the sink is the way forward.
Next I found out washing your face with the wrong water temperature causes  damage to the top layer of your skin, which apparently keeps my beautiful skin beautiful with the right levels of PH. I will not go into the science details.
So washing my face in the sink and the right water temperature will update you on how it goes. But firstly I  am going to use a cleanser to fix and  reverse the damage that has already been caused. I can not wait to have my even more beautiful skin back. I am using blackhead clearing daily scrub called clean and clear,  because I tend to trust products that have been in the market for a while, just because that shows me the product has some sort of quality to have survived such a competitive market.

                                                          Peace does Beauty 

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